The foot. A source for physiotherapy development.

Sanremo. Italy. 1st – 3rd February, 2019. International Podology and Podiatry Congress.

Focus on the foot, focus on the entire body.

This is the message coming from the world of international podiatry. HumanTecar® is there, by ensuring a swift recovery of foot functionality, which turns into a postural and functional rebalancing of the entire body. Everyone can benefit from the effective action on the neuromuscular, proprioceptive and metabolic/circulatory systems: from the professional athlete, to a child or an elderly man.

During the congress, a preliminary study by professor Vincenzo Ferrara was presented: EFFECT OF LOWER LIMB MUSCLE FATIGUE ON POSTURAL SWAY.

A great development opportunity for the physiotherapist’s activity. A specialisation which is ever more requested in the national and international healthcare landscape.


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