Human Tecar Centers are independent practices that
use the original, branded Human Tecar technology,
products and MO. They are points of reference for those
who wish to undergo Human Tecar treatment.

Top-notch physiotherapy, accessible to all

Building on the method’s success in the world of high-level sports, Human Tecar Centers aim to disseminate the Human Tecar MO, making it available to all those who need to recover from injury, get into shape, and undergo physical therapy and rehab for a wide range of specific issues that need to be resolved in a swift and stable manner.

Widespread presence

Thanks to Human Tecar Centers’ widespread presence throughout Italy and overseas, it will be easier for anyone to get rid of neck pain, lumbago, muscle contractions, strains, sprains and inflammation of the joints and/or tendons, i.e. a wide range of ailments whose main symptom is pain.

Classic physiotherapy, combined with cutting-edge technology
The Human Tecar philosophy is based on the principle that our body hasan intrinsic ability to restore its own functional balance, when suitably stimulated. Human Tecarprovides just such a stimulus, complementing state-of-the-art, avant-garde technology with traditional manual techniques, specifically designed to work together.


Medical diagnosis is the first, essential step in the therapeutic process: it enables Human Tecar specialists to tailor treatment to the needs of individual patients, ensuring swift and lasting results.

Depending on Clients’ time requirements and the goals they are aiming for, they will select their preferred options out of a wide range of protocols:30-minute or one-hour treatments, intensive programs featuring several sessions a week, even several sessions in the course of a single day. The method’s flexibility translates into lasting results in a short space of time, which ultimately saves Clients money.


Human TecarCenters guarantee use of the original methodology,
the only one branded as Human Tecar. Top-notch physiotherapy, consisting of
diagnosis and three stages of treatment.

State-of-the-art technology and manual techniques blend into the Human Tecar MO, with a two fold advantage:

Immediate pain relief

Drastically reduced recovery times