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13 January, 2020

Humantecar® renews research collaboration with Dr. Offer Zeira


In the era we live, technologies pervade daily life, and in medicine they are more indispensable than ever. To really make the difference, however, it's[...]

10 January, 2020

Rally: Humantecar® is assisting Honda riders in Dakar 2020

First stages of the rally, a very demanding race, that requires to get rid of fatigue, pains and tensions rapidly, to face the pitfalls of a path that is always very difficult, which puts a[...]

23 December, 2019

Meeting of Humantecar® with “Italian Frecce Tricolori” in Rivolto.

In the hangar of the Rivolto’s Airport (PN), Gaetano Farina, Commander of the most prestigious Italian Acrobatic Patrol in the world, presented the intense 2020 Season Program and the pilots who will make up the[...]

18 December, 2019

From Korea to Italy, Humantecar® Sport Specialist with passion!

Becoming a Humantecar® Specialist in high-level sports is only possible if you are willing to give up reference models, one of all, to rely on standardized scientific protocols that are easy to apply, but often[...]

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