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23 December, 2020

Becoming what you do

To be a physiotherapist, you need to do physiotherapy. But what is the real physiotherapy? It’s a physiotherapy capable of solving patients' problems extremely quickly.[...]

15 December, 2020

Humantecar® and FISI, Italian Ski Federation

A collaboration that dates back to over 20 years ago, first with Dr. Herbert Schonhuber, the then president of the medical commission, and today with Dr. Andrea Panzeri, an internationally renowned orthopedist and current chairman[...]

14 December, 2020

I open my studio. I choose Humantecar®

With Humantecar® HCR 1002 each therapist, through his manual skills, acts on the circulatory system by activating those reparative processes that allow to solve a functional disability extremely quickly. HCR 1002 is powerful, easy to[...]

17 October, 2020

The Spanish national women’s football team has the latest recovery technology thanks to RFEF’s Medical Services (REAL FEDERACIÓN ESPAÑOLA DE FÚTBOL).

During the last stage, the athletes were treated with the HCR 1002 device, a fundamental tool belonging to the Humantecar® method. To get the best physical conditions for the top-level players now is an easy[...]

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