Feel your best. Fast.


Feel your best. Fast.

This has always been the philosophy behind Unibell, leading Italiancompany operating in the healthcare sector that registered the Human Tecar® trade mark in 1996. The company itself goes back even further: it was founded by Mario Scerri, present CEO, in 1979.

The Human Tecar® technology and MO soon revolutionized the field of physiotherapy: over the years, Unibell has heavily invested in scientific research for its Human Tecar® brand, and ultimately developed a synergistic method that gives fast, stable results.

Based on the belief that the body has an intrinsic ability to restore its physiological balance if suitably stimulated, the method has an extremely broad range of applications and its swift action translates into accessible, affordable treatment.

Numerous collaborations with top universities and research centers have been instrumental both in designing and disseminating the Human Tecar® technology and method, and in endorsing results. From day one, scientific rigor has been a priority.

State-of-the-art technology acts in combination with manual techniques and functional products in tackling osteoarticular and muscular issues, acute and chronic, in recovering from injury, getting back into shape, maximizing performance, anti-aging, treating and preventing geriatric ailments, post-surgical rehabilitation, improving quality of life for the disabled and prevention.

Human Tecar®was ahead of the times, in fact, in viewing treatment as not merely curative, but preventive: it is only in recent years that high-level sports teams, for example, have begun to see physiotherapy as something you need to do not just after injury, but to prevent injury from occurring, and have included Human Tecar® treatment in athletes’ daily training programs.

Other fields that have come to appreciate the beneficial effects of our MO are regenerative medicine and neurological medicine: post-stroke patients and Parkinsonians greatly improve their motor skills and quality of life, for instance, by making use of the Human Tecar® technology.


Debut in competitive sports

The sector that first benefited from the Human Tecar methodology was high-level professional sports, where maximizing performance and recovering from injury in the shortest time possible make all the difference.

Use in veterinary medicine

Feeling one’s best, fast is not an exclusively human necessity: the natural evolution to this concept was its application in the veterinary field, with racing horses first, then with smaller animals and domestic pets.

Human Tecar Centers

A fast growing number of professionals trained at the Human Tecar Academy is currently disseminating our methodology and approach throughout the world, and founding a widespread international network of Human Tecar Centers.

Accessible to the general public

High-level sports was the testing ground for the Human Tecar MO, which was then applied to the general public: Unibell’s ultimate goal was making this avant-garde physiotherapy accessible to all – and increasingly affordable (faster results, consequently lower cost).

Our Academy

Healthcare professionals who’ve espoused our philosophy can master the method by attending our training and refresher courses, regularly organized by the Human Tecar Academy throughout the world. These are set up at diverse levels of increasing specialization, culminating with courses for physiotherapists specializing in high-level professional sports.

A revolutionary new physiotherapy is thus gaining ground: swift, effective, and accessible to all.

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