Pain, acute and chronic osteoarticular and muscular pathologies,
accumulated fatigue and stress: the Human Tecar MO tackles all of these issues,
providing immediate, effective and enduring solutions.


The Human Tecar methodology, with its new approach to physiotherapy, is a point of reference in the world of high-level sports; and not only that – the beneficial results of Human Tecar treatment are no less appreciated by so-called ordinary people, and the method is used in a wide variety of fields.

The innovative technologies branded as Human Tecar, supported by scientific research and developed by the Unibell corporation in over two decades, have proven particularly precious for professional athletes, who need to maximize performance under pressure, recover from injury in the shortest possible delay, and maintain their physical and psychological balance while tackling a packed schedule of competitions.

This is the new-generation physiotherapy with a preventive edge.

Traumas and rehabilitation

Acute and chronic pain, lumbago, cervicalgia (neck pain), muscle injuries, distortions, post-surgery rehabilitation, treatment and prevention of sports injuries, muscular recovery.


Energy and vitality

Anti-stress treatment, improving nocturnal sleep, restoring vitality, treatment to prevent falls in elderly people, improved balance and stability.


Phlebo-lymphology, lymphedema
and cellulite

Fibrotic and sclerotic cellulite, lymphedema, venous insufficiency, fluid retention.


Professional and amateur

Recovery from an excessive bodily workload (“overtraining syndrome”), muscle pain, delayed recovery from trauma, increasing strength, rapidity and endurance.


Antiaging and esthetic

Facial treatment, toning muscles, heavy legs, localized adiposity and remise enforme.



Treatment of Phantom Limb Pain, treatment of shoulder pain in hemiplegic patients.



Thanks to the speed with which the Human Tecar method gets results, and the fact that patients can safely undergo multiple sessions of treatment – even several a day –,Unibell has been instrumental in cutting back the expense of therapy, making its benefits available to a larger public.

The Human Tecar specialist will start treatment by applying cosmetic products with functional ingredients, based on the principles of aromatherapy. Their purpose is eliminating tension, stimulating the lymphatic and circulatory system, relaxing muscles and purifying skin, in order to enhance and speed up the beneficial effects of Human Tecar technology.

Olfactory stimulation – thanks to the products’ active principles, aromatic in origin – is not only instrumental in solving the issues at hand, but also supplies those undergoing treatment with a soothing sensation of general well-being and pleasant relaxation.

At the end of each treatment, more functional products are applied so as to cleanse the skin, energize and refresh tissue and maintain the beneficial effects of Human Tecar technology on microcirculation.

Once treatment is completed, the Human Tecar specialist will be ready to recommend possible exercises, activities and functional products that can be implemented and applied at home, even without the assistance of a professional, in order to maintain results and avoid a recurrence of problems.

Tangible and manifest results from the very first session; a single, brief course of treatments will suffice to get back into shape.
Maximizes performance, both in sports and in everyday life.

Immediate relief from painful symptoms. Drastically reduces treatment times.
Accelerates recovery from injury.
Particularly suited to prevention and maintenance programs, topping up energy and well-being, maintaining ideal physical conditions and maximizing quality of life.


There is a great number of Human Tecar specialists operating in Italy and worldwide: in private and public hospitals, spas, rehabilitation centers, Residential Care Facilities etc. Wherever it’s used, the Human Tecar MO creates a virtuous circle of maximum well-being and maximum performance.

Minor ailments and discomforts, if seen to in time, disappear, improving our quality of life. On the other hand, if they are neglected, they can become chronic and turn into pathologies.