Courses are set up in intensive sessions of one or two days each, with numerous workshops and videos.
Each of the participants is called upon to give his/her contribution to developing therapeutic strategy,
so everyone gets involved first-hand, both theoretically and practically.


Physical therapy is changing fast, and will increasingly support a wide range of medical fields.

Thanks to the Human Tecar MO, it’s possible to pursue several therapeutic avenues simultaneously, to the advantage of effectiveness and rapidity of results.

The Human Tecar Academy’s scientific staff has developed a range of courses where practitioners can acquire familiarity with the Human Tecar methodology and MO, enabling them to apply the latter immediately in their daily practice.

Avant-garde techniques, tried and tested in the field of elite professional sports, can be transferred to hospitals or private practices, for fast, stable, more affordable results compared to traditional therapies.

Our courses enable practitioners to acquire the Human Tecar methodology and MO, based on the combined action of technology, manual techniques and functional products. The synergy of all these factors is instrumental in simultaneously approaching every angle of a given issue and maximizing results.


Physiatrists, Sports Doctors, Traumatologists

Physiatrists, Sports Physicians and Traumatologists, who need to be active in patients’ rehabilitation process and put in place a suitable therapeutic program based on diagnosis, where they do not step aside after the initial diagnosis: rather, they take part in the entire process, supporting the physiotherapists’ work with regular advice and adjustments to program, depending on patients’ reaction to Human Tecar treatment.


Physiotherapists who need to find swift, effective solutions to patients’ problems, not only to the patients’ advantage but to their own: faster, successful solutions will enable them to optimize their activity and acquire new customers, maximizing therapeutic results and using the Human Tecar MO’s potential to the full.

Massage Therapists

Massage therapists working in sports are always looking for solutions that can get athletes back on track as quickly as possible.


The ability to get patients involved, make them active participants in treatment.

The ability to pick the fastest possible response strategy for the therapeutic goals established by physician.

The ability to lay out a treatment plan with clear objectives, realistic schedules and an expertly thought out MO.

The ability to define,based on treatment plan, the use of technology and products in the most appropriate combinations to get results.

The ability to manage treatment of chronic and acute pathologies in a safe and meticulous manner, regularly interfacing with every stakeholder involved in patient’s recovery.


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