Man has been using herbs, plants and their derivatives for therapeutic purposes since the dawn of time, as testified by anthropological and archaeological finds that even antedate written tradition.
By comparison with the distant past, we have quite a few advantages both in terms of the range of known herbs and their accessibility. Increasingly sophisticated extraction techniques, moreover, enable us to maximize the use of extracts or pure plant-derived elements.
One of the most widespread practices today, even amongst those unfamiliar with pharmaceutical botany, yet wishing to take care of their own wellbeing, is aromatherapy.

400 plants used in cosmetics

Aromatherapy consists of using plant-derived essential oils to fight stress, eliminate the troublesome symptoms often associated with bodily disorders like heavy legs, retention of liquids, muscular contractions in general and so on. The benefits of aromatherapy are not only physical but psychological, too.
Over 1,200 medicinal plants have been codified, at least 400 of which can be used in functional cosmetics. Amongst the latter, approximately one half yields essential oils.

Human Tecar functional products

For its functional products under the Human Tecar brand, Unibell uses natural essential oils, selected with care and combined to get the strongest, fastest synergistic effect, even in small quantities. Correctly used, the products prove extremely beneficial and results are tangible, and very long-lasting.


Thanks to the many years of experience in physiotherapy that
Unibell has accumulated, as well as our collaboration with
numerous universities and extensive investment in scientific research,
we have come to fine-tune a new physiotherapeutic approach that constitutes
the Human Tecar M.O. or methodology.

Treatment itself is preceded by a preparatory stage, which “boots the body up,”
as it were: gets it ready and receptive to make the most of the subsequent session.
This preliminary stage is therefore crucial in the success and effectiveness of treatment.

In other words, before treatment (which can be technological, manual, or a
combination of both), the body needs to be prepared properly: this will
multiply the beneficial effects of treatment itself, and make results
more stable and longer-lasting.

At this stage, the body is treated manually with functional products containing specific essential oils. The latter’s properties boost responsiveness to treatment, while also endowing the person being treated with a relaxed sensation of wellbeing.
A veritable detoxing ritual, the preliminary phase sees the use of a white cotton glove imbibed with a solution of product and lukewarm water, which is rubbed all over the body to eliminate toxins from skin tissue, as they offer resistance to physiotherapy. This detoxing stage thus reawakens the body’s sensitivity and prepares it for the following phase.
The joints in arms and legs (strategic areas for circulation) are gently freed from rigidity, muscle tension is relaxed, muscle temperature restored to normal, as well as temperature of hands and feet.
This preparatory stage is undoubtedly crucial during therapy; moreover, it is instrumental in maintaining results stable with daily body care rituals.

Duration: 5-10 minutes

Stage Two in the Human Tecar protocol consists of the treatment itself, which can make use of technology alone, or both technology and manual techniques, or a combination of techniques acting in synergy, stimulating the circulatory, neuromuscular and proprioceptive systems.
Therapeutic Treatment can be:

Intensive, localized Human Tecar Treatment
This is a brief, first aid treatment that tackles acute inflammatory states characterized by pain.
Duration of treatment is approx. 30 minutes.

Combined Human Tecar Treatment
This type of treatment is aimed at total functional recovery or solution of a given issue, both during the subacute and the chronic stage.
Duration of treatment is approx. 60 minutes.

At the end of the session, depending on patient’s needs, the practitioner can apply specific aromatic products for 3-4 minutes at a time. The products are aimed at the recovery of energy and vitality, as well as maintaining good overall muscle tone and trophism and active circulation for as long as possible.