Speeds up recovery, reboots your body.
Stimulates the intrinsic reparatory processes. Post-injury, post-surgery.
After intense physical exercise. Fights stress, fatigue and
aging. Improves quality of sleep, quality of life.

Do as elite athletes do: pick Human Tecar.


Hard work, Human Tecar and sheer brilliance on track in London

20 July, 2017 - Sunday, July 16 was a day for twofold celebration at the World Para Athletics Championships in the English capital – as Italians, and as Human Tecar. Our very own Martina Caironi was totally amazing as[...]

INSEP of Paris: Home of Champions

19 July, 2017 - Human Tecar Muscular Anti-Aging Technique prolongs athletes’ professional longevity Training aimed at avant-garde research: on the agenda, July 10-11 in[...]

Calientísima Carmen in sun-scorched Sicily

17 July, 2017 - Freshly returned from his stellar performance in Taormina, José Perez shares the secrets to his unique training routine on our[...]

Italy wows in Tbilisi

17 July, 2017 - The capital of Georgia (not the US state: the country just south of Russia, north of Turkey) would have most[...]


Human Tecar Centers are independent practices that use the original,
branded Human Tecar technology, products and MO. They are points of
reference for those who wish to undergo the original
Human Tecar® treatment.