Speeds up recovery, reboots your body.
Stimulates the intrinsic reparatory processes. Post-injury, post-surgery.
After intense physical exercise. Fights stress, fatigue and
aging. Improves quality of sleep, quality of life.

Do as elite athletes do: pick Human Tecar.


Roma soccer team Chief Medical Officer on Human Tecar: “our most faithful ally”

18 October, 2017 - We asked the sports medicine physician in charge of “maggica” AS Roma, Dr. Andrea Causarano, to grant us a short interview on our technology and MO, and he graciously complied: “Human Tecar is a faithful[...]

Tor des Géants: training for the “world’s toughest race” with Human Tecar

6 October, 2017 - If there’s a race that deserves the name “endurance trail”, this is it: the Tor des Géants. Over 205 miles[...]

Sunday in Berlin: Human Tecar’s “cold war” against muscle contractions and inflammation continues

28 September, 2017 - September 24 was a rainy Sunday, and the autumn haze cloaking the streets, trees and bridges of Berlin would have[...]

In tandem with a legend: Claudio Costa, iconic MotoGP MD, recalls our 20-year collaboration

15 September, 2017 - Dr Claudio Marcello Costa devoted a lifetime to saving riders’ lives and careers. He calls them his “heroes,” in a[...]


Human Tecar Centers are independent practices that use the original,
branded Human Tecar technology, products and MO. They are points of
reference for those who wish to undergo the original
Human Tecar® treatment.