Human Tecar®speeds up recovery, reboots your body.
Stimulates the intrinsic reparatory and
After intense physical exercise. Fights stress,
fatigue and aging. Improves quality of sleep, quality of life.

Do as elite athletes do: pick Human Tecar®.


Tunis, May 2018 - Technology and Training: the Human Tecar method enhances results, cuts back recovery time and makes therapy more accessible

17 May, 2018

Our exclusive distributor for Tunisia, Medical Concept of Meher Ben Slama, has been organizing frequent and intensive Human Tecar training courses[...]

Human Tecar signs historic agreement with UCAM, Spain's University of Sports

16 May, 2018

Speed, therapeutic precision and scientific research have always been the mainstays of the Human Tecar methodology. The first scientific paper[...]

Human Tecar at the inaugural convention of SIMRIM, the Italian Society of Multidisciplinary Interventional Rehabilitation Medicine

15 May, 2018

On Friday, May 4th and Saturday, May 5th, the Sheraton Hotel and Conference Center in Rome hosted the inaugural convention[...]

Delray Beach, Florida, USA: A memorable visit to Dr. Erich E. Menge, Chiropractor specializing in high-level sports

15 May, 2018

Personal chiropractor to numerous international sports stars, Erich Menge has chosen the Human Tecar method for his practice and research[...]

Human Tecar at the National Physiatrists' Convention in Tunis

7 May, 2018

After over a year, the Tunisian market continues to appreciate the Human Tecar take on physical therapy. Our technology and[...]

Algeria: Elite sports, private and public healthcare centers and physical therapy academies take Human Tecar on board

7 May, 2018

It’s the most natural outcome of our activity in Algeria, a market with a keen eye on avant-garde technologies and[...]


Human Tecar Centers are independent practices that use the original,
branded Human Tecar technology, products and MO. They are points of
reference for those who wish to undergo the original
Human Tecar® treatment.