In great shape Eliud Kipchoche wins the Tokyo 2022 Marathon!

7 March, 2022 - Categories: News Sport

A victory also for Humantecar®, Global Communication's technical partner.

We have been supporting Eliud Kipchoche and his team for a long time. Our story begins many years ago, when talent was expressed on the track and was not yet arrived at marathon. We have supported him with our products, with our technology and with our working methods, which have been regularly acquired by his technical staff.

We were standing by him on his first try to go under two hours in marathon and then during the second successful try, which amazed the whole world.

Sometimes medals are won or lost for a fraction of a second and that is why in the training programs, a fundamental phase to reach the set goals, Eliud Kipchoche takes particular care of his physical shape with Humantecar. A detail that leads unconventional physiotherapy, and particularly the original Humantecar tecartherapy, to become increasingly important, not only in the treatment phase, but also and above all in prevention.

It is effective for athletes who have a competitive goal to achieve, but also to ordinary people, who can quickly find full physical and psychophysical well-being in the Humantecar Centers. For us it means absence of pain, recovery of elasticity in general, toned muscles, greater balance, recovery of night sleep and energy to better conduct everyday life.

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