Swiftness, accuracy, precision, safety.
The Human Tecar MO guarantees results that are all of this.
An avant-garde new technology applied in physiotherapy and rehabilitation,
its natural testing ground has been the world of high-level sports.


The Human Tecar MO is based on a combination of avant-garde technologies,
highly advanced manual techniques and the use of functional cosmetic products.

The medical staff of hundreds of professional sports teams use it, in order to maximize their athletes’
performance and speed up post-injury recovery. The Human Tecar MO, however, doesnot
confine itself to sports medicine. Today, Human Tecar is widely used in a variety of fields, such as
conservative treatment, post-surgery ehabilitation, venous and lymphatic diseases, and for treating
stress-related afflictions.

Swift results and therapeutic precision

The Human Tecar MO is the result of lengthy research and experience. Under normal conditions, the body’s sensation of well-being is associated with a balance of
biologicalfactors and components: what we perceive as “normalcy.” This so-called normal state is associated, for instance, with absence of pain, a general sensation of well-being, strength, endurance, speed and coordination of movement. In the presence of any element that altersthis balance – from physical effort to trauma or inflammation – the body launches its natural,
self-reparatory processes, which Human Tecarstimulates and accelerates. The Human Tecar MO acts, first and foremost, on temperature, by means of controlled stimulation of blood flow. It orchestrates, in particular, minimal variations of temperature in the biological districts affected, exerting crucial influence on the biochemical processes responsible for the imbalance. Moreover, thanks to the development of new technologies, the Human TecarMO can effectively impactbodily biomechanics by means of proprioceptive workout combined with neuromuscular stimulation (focused vibration sound system), ultimately eliminating pain and enhancing strength, muscle tone and trophism, and balance.

The Human Tecar MO’s swift results and therapeutic precision are mainly due to a combination of two key factors:

The possibility of undergoing prolonged and reiterated therapy sessions; even two or more treatments in the course of a single day

The possibility of affecting different bodily mechanisms selectively, all concurring to restore balance to the body.


  • Drastic analgesic and
  • Draining actionat
    tissue level
  • Intense functional
    stimulation of the
    peripheral circulatory system
  • Straightaway restores
    balance, muscle tone
    and strength
  • Swift recovery
    of mobility

Practitioner’s role in
applying the methodology

Manual technique is an essential factor in managing a Human Tecar therapy protocol, and the practitioner can count on safe, versatile and effective tools that act as an extension of the operator’s manual skills and technical know how.

Therapist can focus action on specific tissue types and can therefore set up a detailed treatment program in three stages, which constitute application protocols established within the Human Tecar Academy. These guarantee quality of application and much quicker, more stable results compared to ordinary, traditional physiotherapy methods.