5 February, 2020

Humantecar® MAT and sports dance. The key word: Prevention!

There was no better opportunity for Humantecar® to present its own Humantecar® MAT platforms during the Italian Sports Dance Championships in Foligno. A special occasion,[...]

23 December, 2019

Meeting of Humantecar® with “Italian Frecce Tricolori” in Rivolto.

In the hangar of the Rivolto’s Airport (PN), Gaetano Farina, Commander of the most prestigious Italian Acrobatic Patrol in the world, presented the intense 2020 Season Program and the pilots who will make up the[...]

5 December, 2019

University of Messina: the Humantecar® workshop “Motor system re-education. From professional sport to everyday life.”

Over a thousand students from the Motor Sciences and Physiotherapy undergraduate program at the University of Messina were present at the specialist workshop organized by Professor Daniele Bruschetta, Vice-Rector of the Sicilian University. This workshop[...]

22 November, 2019

Dubai. World Para Athletics Championships. Six medals for Italy: two gold, three silver and a bronze!

Fispes, Italian Federation of Paralympic and Experimental Sports has chosen the original Humantecar® tecartherapy to assist athletes, in particular HCR1002 with the aim of improving their motor qualities and ensure training and competing at the[...]

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