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To paraphrase an old advertisement from the 1970s, when a word alone was enough to identify a good product, in this case there’s a big difference between simply applying Tecar and getting the desired results with Tecar. It is therefore necessary to deepen some technical aspects to fully understand the meaning of using this device.

When we talk about Tecar and Tecartherapy, we are talking about the original HumanTecar® Tecartherapy, which is so far considered the best tool to reactivate the circulatory system in the deepest areas of biological tissue. A sophisticated and precise device to support the manual skills of the therapist or doctor.

It is not a drug to treat a specific disease. On the opposite, it is merely a tool, an instrument which in the hands of the therapist, becomes crucial to accelerate all those metabolic and circulatory processes that the he already stimulates through manual work. The device acts only on the speed with which such reactions can be obtained and consequently allows faster but also longer-lasting results, because this kind of stimulation is of physiological nature.

How do you notice the difference? Simple. Treating an inflamed and painful large joint (shoulder, elbow, hip, column) is enough to perceive how easily and rapidly the microcirculation is reactivated, which in turn eliminates inflammatory catabolites from the tissue. This action is perceived in depth, without producing that feeling of superficial heating, counterproductive in case of inflammation.

With the same ease and speed, the operator can raise the temperature to relax muscle fibres and recover tissue elasticity and thus swiftly eliminate a contracture.

Sometimes it is instead necessary to increase the vasodilation deeply only in the areas surrounding the affected one: the device makes it possible thanks to its localised action.

What is then the difference between our first instrument, back in 1986, and the latest generation of the original Tecartherapy, HCR 1002? The operating principle is basically the same. The electromagnetic signal transfer technology as well as the application electrodes and the management software are completely different. And the results are different, too. Faster, more effective and better adaptable to particularly painful pathologies.

There are many therapists who are still using the 1986 devices and still with good results, as compared to traditional techniques. However, there are just as many operators who have chosen to move to the new generation of HCR 1002. A choice driven by the ambition to obtain the best possible results and by the will and need to make their manual ability available to a greater number of patients, thanks to the speed in resolving a disorder.

The art of physiotherapy can no longer neglect the advancements of science and technological research. An alliance, the one between therapist and technology, which adds value to the manual ability of the operator, whose quality of work is measured by the swiftness and stability of results.

The original HumanTecar® Tecartherapy is for everyone. For all demanding operators for whom the word Tecar is not enough to make themselves recognisable. The effects of techniques such as osteopathy, chiropractic, manual and mobilization techniques of every nature, are enhanced when associated with HumanTecar® HCR 1002, with both the operator and, above all, the patient benefit from it.

Science says so. The patients confirm it. If it's not called HumanTecar®, it will never give the benefits of HumanTecar®.

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