The Original Humantecar® Tecartherapy in the treatment of Ulcers.

19 January, 2021 - Categories: News Testimonianze

Visible and quickly results. These are also the effects of treatments with HCR 1002 on complex pathologies such as ulcers! In this specific case, which shows a venous leg ulcer present for over a year and a half, the disease was resolved in about 60 days, with applications lasting 30 minutes per session, two and sometimes three per week.

The most advanced physiotherapy, thanks to Humantecar® HCR 1002, can change the lives of many patients. The drastic reduction of drugs and the recovery of mobility is promoted by the action of our stimulator which rapidly and naturally increases both metabolism and blood circulation.

Exclusively in Humantecar® Centers.

If it is not called Humantecar® it will never give the benefits of Humantecar®.

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