Post-surgical rehabilitation: a revolution in the making

21 November, 2017 - Categories: Sport

A few days ago, we held a round-table meeting that featured Professor Carlo Tranquilli, sports physician and Scientific Director of the Human Tecar Academy, our CEO Mario Scerri, Vincenzo Pollastri and one of the topmost luminaries in the field of sports traumatology, orthopedic surgery and rehabilitation: Doctor David López Capapé of Madrid, a longtime friend of the Human Tecar MO.

Focus of the discussion: launching a working group on Human Tecar post-surgical rehabilitation techniques, collecting clinical data from as many sources as possible, checking the quality standards of these sources and disseminating the most effective protocols via the Human Tecar Academy.

The project breaks new ground, bringing to bear quarter of a century’s expertise in high-level sports traumatology and rehab and making it available both to the public and private sector. As new professionals gradually join the workgroup, Human Tecar is set to nurture ever-growing synergies among key players in this sector.

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