Phyiatrics at the top with Humantecar in the treatment of pathologies

18 February, 2020 - Categories: News

All the press was present yesterday at the inauguration of the new physiatrics department of Clinica Zucchi of Gruppo San Donato, the most important Italian hospital complex in Europe.

The structure, directed by Dr. Cristiano Fusi, has been expanded to accommodate more patients with pathologies not only of an orthopedic type, but also with pelvic floor dysfunctions, or vascular, in the treatment of osteoporosis, but also for aesthetic problems, or simply to recover well-being.

Dr. Fusi's experience in the professional sports field allowed the development of his own method that offers an exclusive range of services open to all in the treatment of multiple diseases, in the past intended only for a very small group of people.

This new physiatrics has conquered everyone in the department, equipped with the most advanced Humantecar® technologies, the original tecartherapy. The kindergarten inside the clinic too, in which the Humantecar® MAT platforms for children favor the harmonious development of the body muscles and feet with a suitable game/movement, are a reality that will be an example to follow.

We are really sure that this new physiatrics approach of Dr. Fusi will be replicated not only in Italy, but also abroad.

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