ATHLETICS - Paralympic European Championships for super heroes!

28 August, 2018 - Categories: Events Sport

Disability for the Italian Paralympic team doesn’t mean a lack, a handicap. Indeed on the occasion of the Paralympic European Athletics Championships that have just finished in Berlin, the many successes are for true super heroes. Sensationals.

And we at Human Tecar have had the opportunity to be at the side of the Fispes - Italian Paralympic and Experimental Sport Federation - and to the 20 called athletes to give them an effective and fast physical and muscular recovery, increasing their strength and tone, before competitions, and post them, thanks to recovery solutions for truly unique anti-fatigue treatments.

An extraordinary medal collection of which we are profoundly proud and that as the Federal President Sandrino Porru said: "It is a record for the number and color of metals, in Berlin we have made the history of Italian Paralympic Athletics. It was a superlative European review from all points of view, technical and for the team, thanks the participation of athletes of all disabilities, except ones for short stature."  

17 medals, 17 times #feelyourbest.


Marco Pentagoni - long jump - bronze

Giuseppe Campoccio – shot put (F33) - gold

Oney Tapia – discus thorw - gold and world record

Martina Caironi - long jump - gold and world record

Raffaele Di Maggio - 400 m - silver

Simone Manigrasso - 200 m - bronze

Andrea Lanfri - 200 m - bronze

Farhan Adawe Hadafo - 100 m - bronze

Riccardo Bagaini - 200 m - bronze

Diego Gastaldi - 800 m - bronze

Emanuele Di Marino, Simone Manigrasso, Riccardo Bagaini, Andrea Lanfri - 4x100 m relay - silver

Oney Tapia – shot put (F11) - gold

Martina Caironi - 100 m - gold

Monica Counterfeit - 100 m - silver

Simone Manigrasso - 100 m - bronze

Assunta Legnante – shot put (F11) - gold

Carlotta Bertoli, Riccardo Bagaini, Oxana Corso and Diego Gastaldi - universal 4x100 m relay - bronze


Photo credits for the team and the award ceremony: Marco Mantovani/FISPES


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