Olimpia Milano wins on with Human Tecar

4 December, 2017 - Categories: Sport

Yesterday evening saw a lovely victory on the part of Italy’s star basketball team, “Gorgeous Giorgio” Armani’s own Olimpia Milano aka EA7, in Reggio Emilia, on a score of 71-72. Jerrells’ and Gudaitis’ performances were instrumental in defeating Reggio Emilia, despite some recent physical issues for both players.

Fortunately though, Human Tecar Olimpia Milano’s official supplier since as far back as 1990 – flanks the team’s medical staff (Medical Director Marco Bigoni and physicians Matteo Acquati and Ezio Giani) every day, helping athletes recover from the fatigue and stress of such grueling seasons as the one that’s just begun. With both the Italian Championships and EuroLeague on their plate, and an average of one top-level match every 3-4 days, Giorgio’s players are understandably thankful for the daily HCR treatments afforded them by physical therapists Claudio lomma, Alessandro Colombo and Marco Monzoni.

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