London, Leicester Square, 11/28: star-studded premiere for I Am Bolt. (And a cameo appearance by Human Tecar.)

2 December, 2016 - Categories: Events

“Some addresses speak for themselves. Like Leicester Square: three syllables and a world of allure. Monday, November 28 saw anything but a workaday crowd brave the particularly chilly London evening.

It was a red carpet event, hundreds of fans looking on and cheering, a VIP turnout being filmed and photographed from every angle: Boris Becker, Santi Cazorla, Louise Hazel, David Haye, Cesc Fabregas, Raheem Sterling, Mo Farah with his wife Tania, Olivier and Jenifer Giroud, David Haye and Joe Fournier, Fleur East, Justin Bieber, Liam Payne, Geri Halliwell, Sean Paul, Tallia Storm, Salma Hayek... Stars of football, athletics, music, the cinema; celebrities of every kind, style and denomination. Common denominators: beauty, glamour and talent. And above all, the fastest man in history: Usain Bolt.

Surprisingly, we’re there as well. My wife Laura and I have been invited to the world premiere of I Am Bolt, the Turner brothers’ documentary film offering behind-the-scenes insight into the Olympic triple treble’s everyday life and the eighteen months that led up to Rio 2016, his last Olympics and definitive triumph. We were touched by this unexpected invitation that Bolt, his agent Ricky Simms and executive manager NJ Walker were kind enough to extend to us.

Nor is it the sole surprise; a second one awaits us inside the Odeon Leicester Square cinema, in the darkness of the movie theater – almost surreal after the blinding lights outside: camera flashes, television floodlights and glittering jewels. The second surprise is a scene, in the movie, where ‘Lightning Bolt’ undergoes Human Tecar treatment. It’s not product placement or a publicity stunt, so much so you don’t get to see our logo clearly; only I’d recognize those electrodes anywhere… And am obviously very aware that during the long, tough months he prepared for the Rio Olympics, our method was of great benefit to Usain.

That’s actually the reason Laura and I are here tonight, next to Ricky and his wife, Marion Steininger Simms. Because this extraordinary and amazingly humble thirty-year-old wants to thank Human Tecar, like he thanks fans and celebrities for what he modestly calls their ‘support’.

We should be thanking you, Usain. Because you make the world believe in something better and cleaner. You make our dreams soar so high they never touch the ground. A bit like you.”

Mario Scerri, Human Tecar Founder, CEO, Unibell Srl

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