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27 November, 2019 - Categories: Acute and chronic pain Getting back into shape News Sport

The training and specialization course with HCR1002, the original, Humantecar® tecartherapy that Erica Mohwinckel, our Humantecar® Sport Specialist, held to the group of physiotherapists who follow very important Adidas athletes, is just ended in Eldoret. We thank her for commitment and professionalism.

The Humantecar® school is widening its borders hand by hand with the growing demand of many therapist, who want to hone their operational and rehabilitation skills. The continuous research of Humantecar®, based on the international experience in the high-level sport, is the guarantee of being always updated and able to take advantage of the most modern knowledges for the benefit of one's business, either public than private.

Humantecar®, in its thirty years of research, has revolutionized modern physiotherapy. Taking advantage of teaching the most advanced techniques with a latest generation tool, such as HCR 1002, we have the demonstration that a great leap forward has been made: faster, deeper and more lasting results, especially when we talk about large joints such as knee, hip, spine, ankle.

But our path of knowledge in the way of sport continues, as well as our commitment to education. We are always available towards all those physiotherapists eager for knowledge, results, experience, truth, as we are too. The reputation acquired and developed in high-level sports by Humantecar® is the best guarantee for those who want to establish themselves for the achieved results.

If it is not called Humatecar® it will never give the benefits of Humantecar®.

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