Italian Ski Federation 2020-2021: organizational efficiency and extraordinary results.

21 January, 2021 - Categories: News Sport

For a sports federation that has to coordinate the activities of numerous specialties and in different training locations, overseeing the entire health area is a gigantic enterprise, which requires broad-mindedness and great organizational skills. This is the task of Dr. Andrea Panzeri, who presides over all the logistics that includes a large team of physiotherapists and doctors assigned to preserve the best physical conditions of their athletes. HCR 1002 is the original Humantecar tecartherapy tool supplied to every therapist of every FISI sports group, to support the best athletic performance, and the results are plain to see.

Over the past 15 days, the victories have been numerous. Like that of Marta Bassino who Sunday she won in the giant at Kranjska Gora, despite the icy bottom of the ski slope.

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