Humantecar® supports the project "Piste di Pace" in Eritrea.

16 December, 2019 - Categories: News Sport

The training days for doctors and physiotherapists were very intense in the new Center of Sports Medicine in Asmara, promoted by ITERONLUS of Rome, a no-profit association which in its programs, boosts the sports physiotherapy future in Eritrea with the project "Piste di Pace". The meeting with Mrs. Corbezzolo, President of the Association and Mario Scerri, CEO Unibell, from this point of view was very useful for bringing the activity to a successful conclusion.

The internationally renowned Italian coach Massimo Magnani introduced Humantecar® techniques and methodologies developed with the tecartherapy, designed by Mario Scerri back in 1996, already in use at the top of Eritrean athletics.

The presence of the Ambassador in Italy Mr. Zemede, Minister of Sport and Culture, and of famous local athletes, marked the event.

We are very proud to have joined the project "Piste di Pace” and we thank our physiotherapist Michele Mardegan for the commitment and results achieved. Our compliments to Mrs. Lidia Corbezzolo and Massimo Magnani in carrying out this worth initiative of social solidarity.

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