Famous TV show features Human Tecar

17 April, 2017 - Categories: Sport

Thursday, April 6, at 11:10 a.m., Italians watching the well known Rai3 health & wellness show, Tutta Salute, conducted by a team of highly competent and telegenic physicians, enjoyed a live broadcast from the Fiamme Gialle (Italian Finance Police or “Guardia di Finanza”) Sports Center in Castelporziano that featured Olympic athletes, Human Tecar technology and exceptional interviewees.

Over the years, you’ve been able to follow our regular updates on our partnership with the Guardia di Finanza athletes. You will recall the Fiamme Gialle sports centers have long been employing the Human Tecar method and Human Tecar-trained physiotherapists. The results were there for all to see last Thursday on the Rai3 national channel, including Olympic champions undergoing Human Tecar treatment: Daniele Garozzo, gold medal in the men’s foil competition in Rio; Fabrizio Donato, three-time gold medalist and a whopping 22-time triple jump national champion – who scored silver at the Indoor European Championships in Belgrade a little over a month ago, at the age of 40 and a half; middle distance runner Margherita Magnani, three times national champion on the 1500m and absolute national record holder for the indoor 1000m; as well as Stefano Maniscalco, karate world champion and number two in Europe, training on our proprioceptive Mats.

Professor Attilio Rota, surgeon and former rugby player, spoke of the synergy between physiotherapist, specialist and sports doctor – a collaboration the Human Tecar team has always promoted. Garozzo pointed out the fundamental role of mental alertness, over and above physical fitness, and how technology helps to maximize body-mind coordination and concentration. Donato confirmed the triple jump is a “rather trauma-prone discipline”, where the new techniques help “reset traumatic memory and counter difficulties”. Our Scientific Director, Professor Carlo Tranquilli, sports doctor with a track record of eight Olympic Games flanking the national team, stressed the importance, in top-level sports, of “shortening recovery time”, besides acting on “prevention”; and reiterated another fundamental point in the Human Tecar philosophy: “Sport is a workshop that’s ultimately meant to serve ordinary men and women. Today’s executive, for instance, also needs to recover well and fast so he can resume work as soon as possible.” He then added: “Just as Ferrari has fine-tuned some methods and techniques that are subsequently applied to economy cars, in the same way, great athletes make use of avant-garde technology in surgery and physiotherapy, which is then applied to ordinary people and becomes part of the common heritage.”

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