Evolution of psychomotor skills with HumanTecar® MAT

2 August, 2019 - Categories: HumanTecar Mat News

More and more children lead a sedentary life and spend little time outdoors. Poor physical activity in the early stages of a child's life can be a source of problems that occur both in childhood and, more commonly, in adulthood.To act on these conditions, therapists and schools make use of activities that improve the conception, programming and execution of the gesture through play and movement: tactile, sensorial games with a strong emotional component to improve perception, sensory integration and precision in muscle selection.During the training - performed strictly bare feet - the HumanTecar® MAT platforms (exclusive Unibell patent), induce a continuous instability during the performance of movements and force the body to constantly adapt to maintain balance, integrating the information received from the proprioceptors. They guarantee the resolution of many child's motor dysfunctions, more quickly. And even better, they can prevent its occurrence.

The modular paths offer the possibility to create always personalized trainings and an infinite series of trails adaptable to any need and space.


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