Doha, World Athletics Championship. So much gold, silver and bronze. Humantecar®. GAIN WITHOUT PAIN.

8 October, 2019 - Categories: Events News Sport

In Doha World Athletics Championship countless gold, silver and bronze medals have been won in all disciplines by athletes accompanied by the original Humantecar® Tecartherapy.

A number of international federations and athletes have themselves experienced the benefits of a swift muscle recovery and a fast resolution of problems which often occur alongside competitions and intensive training: just to name a few: Edris Muktar, Noah Lyles, Grant Holloway, Jeff Henderson, Shaunae Miller-Uibo, Micel Uibo, Daniel Thomas-Dodd, Conselsus Kipruto, Taoufik Makloufi, Souffiane el Bakkali, Selemon Barega, Ramil Guliyev, Lelisa Desisa, Pascal Lagarde, Dina Asher Smith.

Our method, as always, has enthused all the athletes assisted at the Adidas Hospitality and in the seats of the international federations with which we cooperate. More and more physiotherapists are trained by our team, under the historical and thorough direction of prof. Carlo Tranquilli.
At a time when there is a constant demand for ever higher performances, prevention and early care represent the trump card to get the most out of the talent of every athlete, during competition.

Humantecar® physiotherapy technique, developed and optimised in high-level sports, is an ideal method to be used in clinics, hospitals, private rehabilitation and physiotherapy centers: short, more accessible but effective sessions give all patients the possibility to take benefit of the same physiotherapy treatments used for great athletes.

A novel physiotherapy, whose validity is recognized by sports physicians and physiatrists from all over the world.

Never like today, the path that Unibell started in 1986 is extremely contemporary. The result is what matters in order to stand out in a field, the physiotherapy one, which is becoming increasingly prominent in people's health and well-being.

Doha World Championship was challenging for all of us. Special thanks to our sports specialists Paolo Malpeli, Cristiano Carioni, Andrea Zullo and Marco Misani, supported by Cristian Martinelli, for the great work they have done. We were appreciated not only by the athletes but even by the most prestigious international managers, Adidas executives who made available to their athletes a structure that had nothing to envy to the most prestigious wellness centers.

We are proud of our work and the results obtained. And now…. To Tokyo 2020!

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