The original Humantecar® Tecartherapy enters in Boots Pharmacies.

5 March, 2021 - Categories: Corporate News

Making the pain therapy service more accessible to everyone, is the new pharmacy model promoted by Boots, a world leader in distribution of health and wellness products. A dynamic and flexible way to get closer and closer to the needs of consumers, to improve the quality of life of an amateur sportsman, of any professional, of a housewife, of an elderly person or of a child. A quick and effective service dedicated to treatment and prevention, which sees the pharmacist at the forefront of advice.

In Boots Pharmacies is possible to enter an area entirely dedicated to the original Humantecar® Tecartherapy in the treatment of acute and chronic pain, with a methodology that involves the use of a cutting-edge technology - HCR1002 - used for many years in the world of high-level sport with great success. A decidedly innovative type of physiotherapy, now available to everyone, which promotes rapid, effective and lasting results in the treatment of very common and widespread of osteoarticular and muscular disorders, rigidity, inflammation or liquid retention.

Alongside there are the products Fast Recovery Bandages and Tonic and Dynamic Leg Spray, a cosmetic line in use among professional sportsmen to reactivate circulation and muscle fatigue after the most intense workouts, but also to relieve the sensation of heavy legs of whom is forced standing or sitting for too long.

The collaboration with Boots Pharmacies started in Milan and is also going to extend to other Italian regions.

Unibell has already made arrangements with some independent professionals, graduates in Physiotherapy, who have an interest in expanding their business and with physiotherapists already experienced in the use of the original Humantecar® Tecartherapy, who are interested in an activity in collaboration with our company. A new job opportunity, of great prestige, aimed at a very high potential of customers, who enter Boots Pharmacies every day.

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