Becoming what you do

23 December, 2020 - Categories: Corporate News

To be a physiotherapist, you need to do physiotherapy. But what is the real physiotherapy? It’s a physiotherapy capable of solving patients' problems extremely quickly.

The idea that to practice physiotherapy it is enough to apply any instrument by pressing two buttons, is profoundly wrong. The solution to a well-diagnosed functional disability depends on the therapist's manual ability to provoke a reaction in the body, in a specific district and in the areas affected by the disease, to restore it to its functional balance.

Thanks to the reactions produced within the tissues, HCR 1002 increases professional skills, guaranteeing a better result, making physiotherapy treatment the most advanced solution to solve the problem in the best and fastest way.

It is the results that help us to become a physiotherapist, and if best results come, you can count on being a real expert in your profession and not simply applicator of instrument.

If it is not called Humantecar®, it will never give the benefits of Humantecar®.

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