A day in Algiers – allegrissimo, giocoso

4 November, 2016 - Categories: Events Sport

Sunday, October 30th at the Hilton in Algiers: a full-immersion seminar and presentation of Human Tecar attended by the highest authorities in Algeria’s world of sports, medicine, physiotherapy and even politics (the Vice-President of Algerian Parliament), and led by Professor Carlo Tranquilli, our scientific director of twenty years, with Human Tecar founder Mario Scerri. Saying it was a smashing success is not doing it justice: it was better than that.

Our CEO has been humming Rossini arias since he got back… Joyful and playful, as Rossini music typically is. Very much to the point, considering the great composer authored one of the most fun Italian operas, L’Italiana in Algeri – the “Italian in Algiers” who captured the hearts of thousands over the world. A little like Human Tecar. In particular, the Human Tecar MO has ‘captured the heart’ of the President of the Algerian Olympic Committee, Mustapha Berraf, who determined he would bring our technology into his country and was instrumental in launching, together with Mario Scerri, a collaboration between Human Tecar and the Comité Olympique et Sportif Algérien that not only led to Sunday’s event at the Hilton, but to the COA’s purchase of two complete Human Tecar treatment stations, including both HCR and ViSS, and to the imminent purchase of a third station by the Algerian Soccer Federation. Dr Amar Bouzroura, Director of Algeria’s National Center for Sports Medicine, rightfully thanked Mustapha Berraf for his “laudable initiative” in introducing our methodology into the country: one of the Human Tecar treatment stations, Vibration Sound System included, has been set up at the Centre National de la Médecine du Sport in the capital, while a second station is some 30 km away in Souidania, at the Centre de préparation de l'élite, where the nation’s finest sports professionals go for training. A third HT treatment station, as Dr Bouzroura announced to the local press, “will soon be set up within the Algerian Soccer Federation Center in Sidi Moussa”, directed by Dr Ali Yekdah, in charge of the medical staff of Algeria’s national team, who was also present on Sunday.

National hero and Olympic champion Taoufik Makhloufi joined the seminar in the afternoon and declared that “Human Tecar technology was very helpful to me during training; not only that – when I had a serious problem with my left foot during the 2016 Olympics, I managed to get all of my strength back thanks to Human Tecar”. Other testimonials came from the likes of Dr Mohamed Aniat, kinesiotherapist and osteopath to Algeria’s athletic elite, who’s been using our MO since 2011 (“I can assure you it’s a truly effective method in treating injuries and in the rehabilitation of sports professionals and even other patients,” he told the press and the audience in Algiers), as well as Dr Mohamed Belhocine, formerly Professor of Medicine at the University of Algiers, whose activity on behalf of the World Health Organization and the United Nations Development Programme has placed him in contact with various scenarios throughout the African continent.

Dr Aniat capsulized everyone’s line of thought when he stated that COA’s collaboration with Human Tecar “is a great thing for Algerian sports. This type of treatment is not only truly effective, it is also totally harmless, so much so patients can undergo treatment as many as two or three times a day without any negative effect.” In closing this necessarily concise version of our “Italians in Algiers,” allow us merely to add that Mr Scerri and Professor Tranquilli were not only interviewed by several television channels but were honored by dinner invitations from both the Vice-President of Parliament and the President of the Olympic Committee – as friendly as they were extraordinary. What more can we say? Oh come il cor di giubilo...

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