TRAINING - HumanTecar® beyond the Ocean: welcome to Nike World Headquarters

15 November, 2018 - Categories: News Sport Training & Methodology

"Do not limit your challenges, challenge your limits" (Anonymous). And we would add, not by chance, "Just do it".

HumanTecar® is ready to face other challenges and to overcome other boundaries. We are in Beaverton in the Nike Headquarters in Oregon, where this international brand has created a 160-acre multi-functional area, a campus where the office work, such as design, research & development and marketing, alternates with areas dedicated to the sport for which Nike is worldwide known.

From running to American football, from swimming to basketball, everything has been designed so that all the employees and great athletes, Nike brand ambassador, could have the opportunity to train and get an athletic and physical preparation for a 360° wellness approach of ​​which Nike is a spokesman since its foundation.

From long-lasting collaboration during sport events such as the Olympics, World Championships or the equally famous docu-event Breaking2, about the attempt to break down the 2-hour record in the marathon, HumanTecar® has succeeded in establishing itself as a valuable reality in the physiotherapy sector. And from today it will be present in the wellness center of the Nike headquarters where all the athletes and the many workers will be treated.

For this reason, during these three days of training, specialists have been trained to take care of the most famous sports champions from around the world on the basis of the HumanTecar® MO.

Reached the FDA certification, HumanTecar® has obtained the physiotherapy "green card" for an expansion in a market where the attention and the care of the harmonic, healthy and balanced body are well known all over the world.

On the same occasion, we had the opportunity to vistit the Rokke Center for Physical Therapy, Performance Training and Wellness, in Tigard, in Oregon too. A cutting-edge center specialized in rehabilitation and physiotherapy at high levels, in which HumanTeca®, with the support of a qualified staff, is present with its own technology.

Welcome to the USA, HumanTecar®.




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