Monaco: Humantecar® in the front line for horse wellness

14 February, 2020 - Categories: News Veterinary medicine

Humantecar® objectives have always been prevention, well-being, quickly recovery from fatigue also in the veterinary sector. It was therefore an important occasion for us be present at Novotel in Munich with our original Humantecar® Tecartherapy, during the meeting led by Dr. Alessandro Centinaio with the veterinarians of the International Equestrian Federation.

The veterinarians responsible of many competitions, during this training day were adjourned on the new guidelines and new methods of horse’s prevention and well-being. It has been an opportunity that allowed them to know deeply all the Humantecar® method, and its advanced HCR 1002 technology, which allows to intervene in a successfully and quickly way when needed, and it is extremely useful during equestrian competitions.

We thank Dr. Centinaio for his warm hospitality, looking forward to the next 2020 appointment at the Global Champion Tour.

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