"El deporte rey" in Rio – with Human Tecar

14 June, 2016 - Categories: Sport Training & Methodology

The Cuban Athletics Federation, Federación Cubana de Atletica, is getting ready for Rio as its date with the Maracanã Stadium looms ever closer.

Human Tecar has been flanking its work for several months and necessarily has a big part in the preparations and trepidation. Former champion Alberto Juantoreno, the Federation’s President and Vicepresident of the IAAF, met with Human Tecar founder and CEO in Guadalajara, Spain.

The encounter both confirmed the warmth and cordiality of our relations with the Caribbean athletes and the strategic nature of this final rush to Rio.

Cubans call track & field “the king of sports,” el deporte rey; and they should know, winners as they are of no less than 208 medals at the Summer Olympics, and ranking fifth world-wide at the Barcelona Olympics in spite of the disparity of means with the international giants. (Not to mention the top quality of athletics and sports ethics on the island.) What a thrill for our therapists to support champions like Denia Caballero, Leonel Suárez, Dayron Robles and Pedro Pablo Pichardo!

At this time of intense activity, the Federación is making good use of our new-generation technologies, from the proprioceptive mats to Human Tecar ViSS and HCR 1001. Tools and MOs that enabled our friends from Havana to maximize training, increase explosive force and improve muscle tone.

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