In the treatment of lumbago, cervicalgia, chronic osteoarticular and muscular pain, stiffness, balance problems, etc., the most innovative rehabilitation field has adopted the techniques of Humantecar®, long applied in international élite sport.

Successes and results have opened the way for a new frontier in physiotherapy: one of the most recent techniques of Humantecar® is to act on the neuromuscular system, to quickly recover mobility, eliminate stiffnesses that strain, and quickly turn off a myofascial pain that limits activity work, but also to improve the tone and muscle strength that are essential in old age therapy or in amateur and professional sports. With the Humantecar® square-wave focused mechano-acoustic vibration, the success is assured in a very short time.

Becoming "Centro Humantecar®" means looking beyond one's own borders: acquiring recognition in one's own territory thanks to a method introduced in the most recognized sports sectors. It means having the most effective, rapid and stable techniques in physiotherapy available. In Italy and all over the world it is possible to participate in training sessions, demonstration meetings, practical tests, with the possibility of immediately introducing rehabilitative protocols with proven efficacy and being always up to date on the most advanced techniques.

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