Three continents, one Human Tecar seminar: from "Track Town, USA" to Johannesburg - via Paris

28 noviembre, 2016 - Categoría: Eventos Training & Methodology

The latest Human Tecar seminar in our Calco headquarters has seen several participants of international renown: so much so we’ve decided to split the seminar report in two, in order to have proper room for all.

After Manhattan, Kansas and Cliff and Karol Rovelto from K-State, we’re taking you to the Pacific Northwest to introduce a second, extraordinary couple of stateside professionals who – like the master coach and the former Olympic jumper – share their personal life and professional choices; and, like the Roveltos, have visited Calco for an in-depth update on our new technology – taking back home some of the latter, i.e. HCR 1002 to stimulate haemolymphatic circulation and Human Tecar ViSS (for Vibration Sound System), which acts on the neuromuscular system by means of mechanic-acoustic waves of suitable shape, frequency and intensity.

“Home,” for Chris Whetstine and Kathy Schneider, is where Nike originated, the “Track and Field Capital of the World”, a city characterized by unusually vast parkland and America’s most extensive cycling and running trails, where US jogging began… It is no chance another nickname is “Track Town, USA”. The city in question is Eugene, Oregon. If Kathy Schneider has owned a well known physiotherapy and massage center in Eugene for over 24 years, Chris Whetstine’s career took him to the four corners of the world, assisting a few of the finest track & field athletes, e.g. Justin Gatlin, Shawn Crawford and Marion Jones, spending some professional time at the University of Oregon, where he met and mentored Sean Peña, also present at the Human Tecar seminar in Calco – a physiotherapist and biomechanics expert to top track athletes like Justin Gatlin, Mike Rogers, William Claye, Joel Brown, and LoLo Jones; as well as to numerous players in the National Football League. Sean also took back home with him some “carry-on baggage” of know-how and technology – the latter being our new HCR 1002 model, which is not only even more powerful than the previous model, but extremely compact, light and portable, weighing a mere 7 kilos.

The journey was relatively short for Paris-based Marc Michnowski, whose twenty-year experience in physiotherapy (Institut National du Sport, de l’Expertise et de la Performance, FFHMFAC, FFBA, FF Squash, Métro Racing Rugby) led him to set up his own PT center in the heart of the Rive Droite. Not so short for the well known sports manager, Peet Van Zyl (the only IAAF accredited agent in South Africa), whose clients include Akani Simbine, Alyssa Conley and Wayde van Niekerk, and for multi-award sport scientist O’Bakeng Molopyane, personal physiotherapist to van Niekerk.

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