Parma, the lifestyle capital, and the spotlight on Human Tecar ViSS

6 diciembre, 2016 - Categoría: Eventos

There’s an area known as the Italian “Food Valley”, home of Parmesan cheese, Parma ham and dozens of gourmet delicacies. Its heart is in a gem of an ancient town UNESCO listed as Creative City for Gastronomy and the EU chose as seat of the European Food Safety Authority: Parma.

The name is Etruscan – a clear indication of its antiquity; and its university is ‘only’ some one thousand years ‘younger’, going back to 1117 AD. For almost three thousand years, Parma natives have brilliantly nurtured their bodies and souls, making the city a great favorite with writers, artists and musicians – from Stendhal to Toscanini, Verdi to Proust, Parmigianino and Correggio; a city where opera and prosciutto joyfully cohabit, top-ranking in quality of life and popularity in Italy to this day.

Friday, December 2 and Saturday, Dec. 3, the Auditorium Niccolò Paganini in via Toscana featured… An opera? You may wonder; not really, though sound did have something to do with it: the Vibration Sound System. The occasion was the 6th ISMuLT Convention (Italian Society of Muscles, Ligaments & Tendons), and lecturers came from all over Italy and the world: Sweden, the UK, Poland, Belgium, Spain, Qatar... At the close of the first day, just before celebrations for the Society’s sixth anniversary and relative gala dinner, there were no fewer than three presentations entirely devoted to therapeutic vibration: a focus that, considering the high level of this orthopedic convention, clearly shows how physicians and healthcare specialists are looking to technologies like Human Tecar ViSS with increasing interest.

First of the three presentations was Raoul Saggini, MD’s, Professor of Physical and Rehabilitative Medicine of Chieti University, who illustrated the distinct modes of therapeutic vibration: (1) Vibration Sound System; (2) Ultrasound; (3) Shock waves; and in particular, spoke of the therapy he chose in his own practice – ViSS –, accumulating an impressive case history (from 2004 to date) and just as hefty research and papers on the “effectiveness of vibratory energy in pain control, particularly of a musculoskeletal nature”, on “the long-term strengthening (as in many months) of select nerve networks” and “increased contractile force of the muscle groups involved”, and even results on a molecular level, in cell metabolism, increased myogenesis and fusion index, heightened strength and optimal tone from the very first ViSS session, as proven, in particular, in the course of a collaborative study by Professor Saggini and several physiologists and physicians of the Chieti and Bari Universities (International Journal of Molecular Medicine 24: 503-512, 2009; the research was carried out on healthy volunteers aged 65 to 85): “in 95% of cases, a single ViSS session brings the muscles treated close to normalcy.”

After Professor Saggini, it was the turn of orthopedic surgeon Silvio Rossi, Professor of Physical and Rehabilitative Medicine at Università degli Studi “La Sapienza” in Rome and a consultant for the Italian Red Cross and for such major sports societies as M. Roma Volley and SS Lazio Soccer, who spoke of his many years’ experience with Human Tecar and with the Vibration Sound System, notably in post-surgery rehabilitation.

The closing report was by Cristiano Carioni, Human Tecar therapist and trainer, who’s been working with our methodology in top-level sports for many years, and who illustrated his treatment of athletes at the Rio Olympics, the support provided to Cuba’s Track & Field Federation, and his use of Human Tecar ViSS within elite athletes’ training programs, to improve strength, endurance and coordination of the specific athletic gesture.

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