Turning Twenty in Rio: My Brazilian Diary

31 agosto, 2016 - Categoría: Deportes Eventos

“Have you ever heard of a twenty-year-old who wouldn’t just love to celebrate his birthday in Rio de Janeiro? More than that: in the Brazilian city in full Olympic mode? That’s exactly what happened to Human Tecar.

Two decades after we inaugurated our method in Atlanta ’96, I was able to attend the 31st Olympics in Brazil with a team of truly exceptional Human Tecar specialists, supporting a huge number of top athletes – from Usain Bolt to Justin Gatlin, Asafa Powell to LaShawn Merritt, Wayde van Niekerk to Shaunae Miller, to name only a few; both in the adidas athletes’ service area (the adidas CEO himself, Herbert Hainer, underwent several sessions of HT treatment, experiencing its benefits first hand) and in the service area we reserved to all other competitors – Nike, Puma etc. So many athletes, for so many hours a day – 8 a.m. to midnight, seven days out of seven – that none of us managed to get to the stadium except just once!

That one time, it was an indescribable joy for me to be embraced and thanked by such champions as LaShawn Merritt and Taoufik Makhloufi; and told by the former that he’d never felt so top of his form, thanks to Human Tecar... Over the next few days, we’re going to tell you some of the numerous HT-in-Rio stories in detail; in the meantime, I really wanted to share with you something of what I felt there from August 5 to 21. It was certainly not my first time at the Olympics: yet I had the chance to observe how international recognition for Human Tecar has escalated (over and above our well established reputation in Italy: we have long been official suppliers of the major Italian sports federations).

An increasing number of athletes know Human Tecar either directly or indirectly; the ‘older’ ones refer to us their juniors, the work we’ve done over two decades with such organizations as CONI, the Italian Swimming Federation, the Russian Judo Federation, the Cuban and Jamaican Athletics Federations, the Italian Fencing and Athletics Federations, the Spanish and Bulgarian Olympic Committees etc., has borne fruit. The tight network of contacts and constant corroboration of our method we have painstakingly put together in time, has led to unprecedented recognition for our brand – one that’s set to grow even further, just like the Human Tecar technologies. (Many have discovered our Vibration Sound System and the Human Tecar proprioceptive Mats in Rio.)

Any downside? The first was the practicability of roads – but then how can this be avoided, when you need to combine moving people between four distinct Olympic clusters and maximizing security? Athletes had to go the extra mile just so they could undergo our treatment; but it was worth it. Without exception, all of them declared they were more than happy with results on performance.

The second downside was the podium held only three per race: working side by side with so many great champions, devoting all our efforts to them and witnessing their total dedication, we’d have liked to make room for all up there and crown them all with gold…”

Mario Scerri, Human Tecar Founder Rio-Calco,

August 30th, 2016

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