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26 octubre, 2016 - Categoría: Eventos

The 18th edition of the Agorà International Convention on Aesthetic Medicine was held in Milan October 13-15, and our HCR technology made quite a splashbella figura, the Italians call it, fittingly enough – thanks to a research by Lucia Calvisi, MD, dermatologist and proprietor of an avant-garde private practice specializing in Aesthetic Medicine in Cagliari. The research concerned Dr Calvisi’s successful experimentation with HCR on thirty female patients.

Titled Rejuvenation of the vulvo-vaginal area: my personal experience with a new technique, it’s to be published in scientific journals very soon. In the course of the convention, Dr Calvisi shared with her fellow physicians the surprising results of HCR treatment for anti-aging purposes.

The past few years have seen an increasing demand for rejuvenating therapies focusing on this crucial yet highly delicate body area: the solutions have often been invasive, even unpleasant. Dr Calvisi, on the other hand, picked Human Tecar for an effective, fast, non-invasive and totally soft approach to vulvo-vaginal rejuvenation.

From September 2015 to April 2016, Dr Calvisi treated 30 female patients aged 35 to 55 with a new-generation Human Tecar HCR device (what many commonly refer to as “tecartherapy”), of proven effectiveness in sports and physiotherapy, as it stimulates cellular regeneration. Each of the patients underwent one session per week, for a total of six HCR treatments per patient.

In just six therapy sessions, reads Dr Calvisi’s research paper, “both the patients and the physician were extremely satisfied by the treatment with no down time, no side effects and lasting results”; and by the “non-invasive, painless, absolutely biocompatible” nature of the technique.

If Human Tecar works well on such a delicate, difficult body area, it is easy to understand the breadth of therapeutic possibilities it opens up for cosmetic surgeons and anti-aging centers… Human Tecar turned 20 this year. Not a bad age to be, or to strive for – thanks to Human Tecar.

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