Adidas Boost: the Who’s Who in track & field at Human Tecar Hospitality

17 mayo, 2016 - Categoría: Deportes Eventos Promozionali

Yohan Blake and Tori Bowie. Not forgetting Keston Bledman, eyes shut and deeply relaxed as you’ll never see him on the track; Octavious “Tay” Freeman, focused and intent; David Verburg and Warren Weir, alert to every stage of treatment; or a radiant Gotytom Gebreslase, beaming beside Maureen Jelagat Maiyo; then again, Tony McQuay’s infectious smile and a hearty thumbs-up before he slips into total relaxation.

We are used to witnessing their sinewy efforts and exultant victories, so it’s rather surreal to tiptoe in on these champions, lying cozy and snug in the cocoon-like environment of our hospitality at the Adidas Boost, May 11-15 in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria.

As always during major sports events, top athletes can unwind and get some much-needed downtime when they’re being treated by a Human Tecar specialist; they can verify how the historic Human Tecar tagline, “gain without pain”, means getting the most with the least effort: getting ready to race or recovering from a tough competition in ideal conditions; maximizing their strength and minimizing chances of injury – or resolving this faster than you can say HCR 1001, if it’s already occurred.

We wish to thank Adidas for their impeccable organization and timely communications liaising athletes with HT athlete assistance; and to congratulate our expert physiotherapists, Cristian Martinelli and Luca Antenucci, for their unstinting professionalism.

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