University of Messina: the Humantecar® workshop “Motor system re-education. From professional sport to everyday life.”

5 December, 2019 - Categories: Events News

Over a thousand students from the Motor Sciences and Physiotherapy undergraduate program at the University of Messina were present at the specialist workshop organized by Professor Daniele Bruschetta, Vice-Rector of the Sicilian University. This workshop was presented in collaboration with our qualified partner Humantecar® Dimatech, led by Ivan D ' Arrigo and Massimiliano Alamia, whom we thank for their great commitment.

After the presentation, the rector Professor Salvatore Cuzzocrea underlined the importance of the collaboration between Humantecar® and the University, not only for initiatives of this type, but for the scientific research projects that it intends to develop in the future. Professors Daniele Bruschetta, Fabio Trimarchi, Ludovico Magaudda, the president of Cus Prof. Nino Micali and Marco Panichi also took the floor.

The athletic trainer of Novak Djokovic, Marco Panichi, in his report, stressed the importance of stimulation of the neuro-motor system. An integral part of his training programs is the barefoot activity on the Humantecar® MAT. He also wanted to highlight the importance of the dialogue between athletic trainer, physiotherapist and doctor, to develop together more effective athletic programs.

Mario Scerri, CEO of Unibell, and Vincenzo Pollastri, Sales Humantecar®, then presented a report that highlighted the potential of the profession. The report focussed on the opportunity to combine the skills of physiotherapy specialist working in high level sports, so that they can embrace a broader and more diverse category of patients.

In this regard, the emphasis was placed on the topic of "Anticipative Physiotherapy". This approach has been developed over time with Prof. Carlo Tranquilli, Unibell's Scientific Referent, and adopted in Humantecar® Centers, in support of numerous sectors of medicine. A physiotherapy that offers effective and stable results, that are accessible to patients, both on time and in costs.

Today, more than ever, the eyes of the world are focused on the activity of Humantecar®. It is an ongoing example of small Italian excellence that, in its twenty-five years of intense work, has gained a unique experience and an international reputation. This success is difficult to replicate in terms of the number of testimonies issued by the most important athletes, as well as the 8,000+ centers around the world that have adopted the Humantecar® method.

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