Toned and Dynamic Legs Spray and Fast Recovery Bandages: a “brand-new dress” signed by HumanTecar® for a range of cult products.

From high-level sports to everyday life, two products for the general public, which are far from being new to the most famous sportsmen in the world, that have used them for years to eliminate fatigue and excess fluids, disorders that are generally well known to all common mortals.

HumanTecar® wants to accompany the final consumer in everyday life, with a credible functional cosmetic line, which was conceived and raised in a physiotherapy at the service of sports of excellence; that has also been consolidated over the years with the diffusion of the HumanTecar® Centres, specialized in muscle recovery and in the treatment of osteoarticular and muscular pathologies.

The goal of the product launches, now more affordable and easier to use, is to spread the great importance of maintenance therapy, that finds in the HumanTecar® Center, the indispensable reference point for identifying those small signs of imbalance, that could get complicated over time.

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