Théâtre du Soleil's secret player: Human Tecar

18 April, 2018 - Categories: Acute and chronic pain

What does our technology have in common with Ariane Mnouchkine? This is what we’d like to share with you today, as evidence of Human Tecar’s crucial role in supporting not only the key players in international sports, but in the arts – from pop stars to star dancers, to theater. Behind the scenes, literally and figuratively. The French director and playwright – “reigning matriarch of European theater”, as she’s been called by Cynthia Zarin in The New Yorker – founded her Théâtre du Soleil in Paris over a century ago, in 1964, and has since staged its “collective” collaborative work in every corner of the globe. Needless to say, the troupe itself is cosmopolitan and multiethnic, consisting of top-level actors, dancers, musicians and singers whose performances are virtuoso athletic feats requiring unbelievable levels of energy. True enough, Ariane’s is a highly physical theater or “metatheater” that engages with its public.

The Parisian public or the New York audiences, as in her latest production, “A Room in India”, which was at the Park Avenue Armory in December 2017 prior to returning home to Bois de Vincennes (in the French capital’s 12th Arrondissement), where it’s to stay until May 20. “Home” is a former munitions factory, the now-famous “Cartoucherie”, that serves as the company’s creative headquarters. On both sides of the Atlantic, as all over the world, performers are sustained by Soleil’s founder… And by Human Tecar Specialist Marc Pujo, who’s been assisting the troupe for years, providing these amazing artists/athletes with the fundamental support they need to tackle the physical and psychological stress of performances like “A Room in India” – a veritable marathon consisting of almost four hours’ dancing, singing and instrumental music.

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