Great Kamaru Usman, world champion of mixed martial arts!

17 December, 2019 - Categories: News Sport

How essential is the Humantecar® physiotherapy support, in a fighting sport like the MMA, which stands for Mixed Martial Arts, where it is very easy to suffer traumas and bruises of all kinds, both Kamaru Usman and his suo Sport Specialist Humantecar® Erich Menge know very well!

Great sacrifices, exhausting workouts, but also hours dedicated to body care, are an essential part of the life of this great athlete, in a discipline that is always giving him a lot of satisfaction and in which he stands out for strength and agility.

The Humantecar® physiotherapy is not only present for the urgent assistance but accompanies Kamaru Usman in a daily path of well-being and prevention, useful for maintaining the perfect balance of body and mind and removing possible physical discomforts in dealing with training and competitions tougher.

The Humantecar® physiotherapy for practicality, results and advantages, is suitable for people of any age with the exclusive right to be every day and somewhere in the world always at the side of numerous athletes of international sport!

If it is not called Humatecar® it will never give the benefits of Humantecar®.

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