Setting the bar ever higher: Renaud Lavillenie’s “All Star Perche” and Human Tecar

27 February, 2018 - Categories: Events Sport

Sunday, February 25th, the world’s best pole vaulters – 21 of them – gathered in Clermont-Ferrand, central France, for the third edition of the major meet organized by world recordman Renaud Lavillenie and rightly called “All Star Perche” (“perche” is “pole” in French). This was an especially high-profile event: seven of the men jumped over 5.88 meters and the women’s record was bettered by no less than 15 cm. Our hospitality hub saw the likes of Kevin Menaldo, Sam Kendricks, Axel Chapelle, Armand Duplantis – not forgetting the event’s host and organizer, Renaud himself –, all get Human Tecar treatment.

Well over 4,000 people cheered these amazing athletes on during their spectacular performances, totaling 9 personal bests, just days from the IAAF World Indoor Championships in Birmingham. After their Human Tecar sessions, each of the star pole vaulters confirmed the significance of using the Human Tecar method during their daily training routine and when competing.

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