NEW PRODUCT - SYNERGY VISS, a new vibration!

22 November, 2018 - Categories: News Synergy Viss

It is not a game of words.

SYNERGY VISS, the square-wave, focused mechano-acoustic vibration "vibrates" for good news!

FIRST > the new website -

An immediate and clear information on line that allows you to have in real time the details on how the technology works, on what are its benefits for the physiotherapy clinic and obviously for its patients and on which pathologies can be functional, from pain therapy to neurorehabilitation, from cosmetic medicine to veterinary.

SECOND> the new brochure 

Do you need to be able to consult immediately all the advantages of SYNERGY VISS and also to better clarify them to your patients and show them - with infographics and photographies - how and why it works? This document is for you! Download it now

THIRD> the new SYNERGY VISS handy, compact, lightweight, portable which allows you to treat up to 5 bilateral muscle groups simultaneously, with 10 transduction points. A unique opportunity to perform treatments even at home. Discover more on the official website

This is the new form of energy signed by HumanTecar®!


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