"Making peace is a marathon." In Beirut.

17 November, 2016 - Categories: Events Sport

The man who founded Human Tecar is necessarily no stranger to energy and passion – almost by definition. Seeing him get back from the 2016 Beirut Marathon charged and impressed as Mario Scerri was, is tantamount to saying how unique the event is.

This is not only the largest marathon in the Middle East, with some 50,000 participants from all over the world (and a record 60,000 in 2005, after the assassination of Rafik Hariri): it’s the marathon that’s been running for peace for the past fourteen years.

BM founder, and before that, founder of the Beirut Marathon Association, May El-Khalil, once gave a memorable TED Talk (https://www.ted.com/talks/may_el_khalil_making_peace_is_a_marathon) where she said that “Peacemaking is not a sprint. It is more of a marathon.” Like the marathon runner, this magnificent woman looks to the end goal with single-minded determination and patience; during, before and after the 14th edition of the BM on November 13, she dispensed smiles and radiated energy and enthusiasm to all, welcoming the guest of honor, Lord Sebastian Coe – legendary middle-distance runner, British politician and IAAF President – and a select group of people, our Mario Scerri among them. Mario has also been able to meet Rafik Hariri’s son, Saad Hariri, Prime Minister-designate.

In the spirit of the Beirut Marathon Association, the past weekend has not (only) provided glamour and sophistication: it was a true kaleidoscope of events and encounters, international guests, private and institutional projects in the name of sports, philanthropy and peace. In such a context, our CEO was doubly struck by the high level of interest for Human Tecar. Over and above the assistance we gave to professional athletes, in collaboration with Elite Sports Management International Director (and technical director of the Marathon), Hussein Makke, Mario Scerri noted there was a great deal of interest from sports federations, universities and private clinics, so much so we shall soon launch our first training program in Lebanon.

The former “Switzerland of the Middle East” must and can go back to being an ideal of social and political harmony for its different ethnicities and religions, of peace and well-being. In every sense. The Human Tecar team is proud to be part of this even tougher marathon.

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