Calco, Italy: Workshop on Tecartherapy with Seoul professionals

12 June, 2018 - Categories: Testimonianze

Tecartherapy is an exclusive method that bears the hallmark of our own, Human Tecar brand. Its results are in a league of their own, one that cannot be compared to ‘similar’ MOs around the world. Tecartherapy is not a device: it’s a complex yet simple method that was developed by Unibell over quarter of a century ago, originally in treating orthopedic and sports-related issues and injuries.

Today, the technique is applied to a wide range of medical sectors, such as urology, esthetic medicine, geriatric medicine, phlebolymphology. In a country like Korea, which is technologically highly advanced, Human Tecar plays a fundamental role in the market segment occupied by healthcare professionals wishing to achieve the finest possible results in a swift yet stable manner.

If it’s not called Human Tecar, it will never give the benefits of Human Tecar.

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