In tandem with a legend: Claudio Costa, iconic MotoGP MD, recalls our 20-year collaboration

15 September, 2017 - Categories: Events Testimonianze

Dr Claudio Marcello Costa devoted a lifetime to saving riders’ lives and careers. He calls them his “heroes,” in a revelatory reversal of roles – for they would tell you he is their hero, yet Claudio is as unassuming as he is special. It’s safe to say there is nobody like him on the circuit. Safe, in fact, is the operative word, for Dr Costa is the one who created the very first Mobile Clinic, a medical emergency facility on the racetracks.

We have flanked him with the Human Tecar MO for over 20 years. The experience has proven unforgettable, a rollercoaster ride of emotions as Dr Costa saved one rider from paralysis, another from amputation, or enabled a third to win second place in Imola shortly after he’d broken five foot bones. It makes us proud and happy to hear him testify to the validity of our method in post-traumatic rehab and swift functional recovery. At the same time, working alongside him has been a singularly humbling experience: his unique brand of magic and charisma, the special rapport he has with those he cures, have lent even the Human Tecar MO an added value. In all our 21-year track record of success in high-level sports, we have seen some amazing results – yet what we’ve achieved with Dr Costa has always been that much more amazing.

Sitting next to him in our Calco headquarters as he chats with Human Tecar founder Mario Scerri about his half a century in motorcycle sports and his latest book in Italian, L'eroe che è in te (“The Hero Within You, with a preface by our mutual friend Alex Zanardi), is a joy and a privilege. Even his humorous quips are more than just that – offering insight into his extraordinary outlook on life. We feel that he would be perfectly at home in ancient Greece, where science bordered with philosophy. After all, as Galen of Pergamon once wrote, “The finest physician is a philosopher as well.”

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