From Korea to Italy, Humantecar® Sport Specialist with passion!

18 December, 2019 - Categories: News

Becoming a Humantecar® Specialist in high-level sports is only possible if you are willing to give up reference models, one of all, to rely on standardized scientific protocols that are easy to apply, but often slow to respond or unsatisfactory.

In professional sport, as in everyday life, each subject responds differently to therapies, and therefore each treatment must be personalized, even if the pathology is the same. To give everyone the best result, we must first have an excellent technical knowledge, use high-performance tools, good manual skills and even a certain creativity, that which differentiates one therapist from another.

High-level sports physiotherapists are not satisfied: they know that they must always fight with the speed of results. David Min, in his training in Busan, then completed in Italy, has learned the full potential of the Humantecar’s method, which immediately put into practice on his athletes as soon as he returned to Korea.

Good luck David and see you at the Tokyo Olympics!

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