Humantecar® and Monza Medicina: sarcopenia and osteoporosis

12 February, 2020 - Categories: News

The prestigious Monza Medicina polyspecialistic Medical Center has been working for years to put the person and his health needs at the center of his business through the competence and reliability of serious and up-to-date professionals from hospitals throughout the territory.

It’s for this reason that Humantecar® has been collaborating for a long time with Monza Medicina Center which has decided to embrace the idea of Humantecar® to support different branches of medicine through the innovative physiotherapy model proposed.

The goal of the evening was to sensitize the numerous patients who attended the event, on the possibility of performing exceptionally rapid and effective physiotherapy treatments for the rebalancing of the circulatory and neuromuscular system to treat diseases, to date more and more widespread, such as sarcopenia and osteoporosis, after diagnosis by the physiatrist and the support of the geriatrician nutritionist.

Monza Medicina has proposed to carry out tests at any age to identify risk factors or principles of muscle and bone deficits as pathologies such as sarcopenia and osteoporosis are related to a very high risk of falls and consequently fearsome fractures. Therefore the prevention of these pathologies is fundamental, already in youth and adulthood, through a healthy, active life and proper nutrition.

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