For the first time in the pharmacy, Humantecar®️ products!

20 November, 2019 - Categories: News

At San Bartolomeo Pharmacy of Almenno San Bartolomeo (BG), are now on sale "Toned and Dynamic Legs Spray" and “Fast Recovery Bandages" principally to alleviate training fatigue and faster muscle recovery of people who practice sports. The two products are also very useful to all those who suffer from heaviness and tiredness in the legs, in reactivating the microcirculation and giving immediate relief.

Our heartfelt thanks go to Dr. Giorgio Somenzi and Dr. Barbara Magni, sensitive to the many small inconveniences that afflict the legs of sportsmen and not, but who have understood the importance of two products long tested and in vogue among sportsmen of high level all over the world.

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