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28 November, 2019 - Categories: Corporate News Sport Testimonianze

Many years have passed since, with Professor Carlo Tranquilli, we hypothesized a modern physiotherapy that was more focused on people's well-being. Over time, the Humantecar® method has become well established, not just for treating injuries, but also in the field of prevention. Today, well over 8,000 centers—including professional teams, clinics, hospitals and private centers—around the world have successfully adopted Humantecar® to avoid or remove the onset of real diseases, helping to improve the quality of life for many patients.

The Ferrari Wellbeing Project, developed by the doctors Alessandro Biffi and Fred Fernando, not only supports the entire F1 team in various analysis and treatments, but has taken to heart its employees’ health. This prevention and health initiative is an innovative example of corporate welfare around the world, and one which we support with great conviction.

The interview shown below with Doctor Biffi took place during the annual visit by Mario Scerri and Vincenzo Pollastri to Ferrari F1 department where every year, for five years, a special sector is set up in Ferrari’s Maranello hangar.

This year, Humantecar® was joined by two of its Sport Specialists—the physiotherapists Marco Misano, of Carioni Physiotherapy Center in Cassano D'Adda and Nicola Mughetti of Mughetti Fiosioclinic in Cesenatico. Both did an extraordinary job, and one very much appreciated by the entire Med-Ex staff.

Over 20 years of collaboration in a project considered among the most advanced in the world. Alessandro Biffi MD interview.

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