Humantecar® MAT and sports dance. The key word: Prevention!

5 February, 2020 - Categories: Events HumanTecar Mat News Sport

There was no better opportunity for Humantecar® to present its own Humantecar® MAT platforms during the Italian Sports Dance Championships in Foligno. A special occasion, which involved the many athletes ­­and champions present, who were able to test the effectiveness and advantages of a proprioceptive training. The Humantecar® MAT, that born precisely in classical dance and high-level professional sport, has become fundamental in physiotherapy as an indispensable protection for tone and strength muscle recovery and is very suitable for the important sector of prevention.

During the meeting, wanted by the federal president Dr. Michele Barbone, very sensitive to this topic, we moved on to the practical demonstration. The prevention studies developed by sports physician Professor Carlo Tranquilli, in collaboration with Professor Vincenzo Ferrara, physiotherapist and podiatrist, with the support of José Perez, ballet dancer, highlight the benefits of movement on different levels of instability, which force the body to maintain balance. The confirmation came by many dancers, who have tried the platforms and have shown all their approval, considering them very useful, not only to prevent many types of injuries but also to improve their athletic performance significantly.

Once again it has been shown how much these experiences in high level sport are an added value for the multitude: from the smallest to the elderly, everyone can improve their quality of lives in record time.

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